Another great new blog…

Only a few weeks have passed since I posted that list of interesting new blogs, but (via Art History Today) I just learned that yet another new art history blog, which looks incredibly promising, has appeared: Rembrandt’s Room. News, Discoveries, Mysteries in Art and History is written by Dutch art historian Maaike Dirkx and focuses mainly, though not exclusively on Netherlandish art. So far, posts on Rembrandt’s Room have mostly dealt with the 15th to 17th centuries, i.e. the golden age(s) of Dutch art, and it already looks as if this will become one of my favourite blogs. So, why not have a look for yourself?

In unrelated news, here’s another piece of 14th century wall painting I encountered on my recent field trip:

Not quite Rembrandt…

The second part of my account of said trip will follow shortly, but for now this teaser will have to do. However, if you feel you need your dose of 14th century wall paintings right away, let me point you to this recent post about the medieval frescoes at Bögöz over at Zsombor Jékely’s Medieval Hungary blog…

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2 Responses to Another great new blog…

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog – more posts on wall painting are coming up in the near future! Zsombor

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