Previously on L’Historien Errant…

When I last posted here, more than three years ago, L’Historien Errant was riding off into the sunset, or rather towards another, new blog, Camera Picta. The latter was designed to be more ‘academic’, and more focused on my main area of research, i.e. medieval wall painting, thus reflecting the work I was doing then as an employee of Vienna University. However, when I gave up my university job in 2015, it seemed only natural to also stop writing for that blog, and I haven’t returned to it since…

L’Historien Errant riding off into the sunset, or perhaps making a glorious return, or just riding along with no particular place to go and a Chuck Berry song stuck in his head…

Since then, a lot of water has passed down the Danube, the Thames and the Clyde, and I have been working, as an independent writer/researcher, on a number of varied projects, from the medieval to the near-contemporary. Every now and again, during this time, I felt tempted to return to blogging on Camera Picta, usually when I came across an interesting wall painting and thought “Oh, I have to share this!” – but somehow it always felt wrong. This was in part due to the fact that Camera Picta was/is hosted by, a blogging platform specifically designed for academic bloggers employed at academic institutions. Since I no longer fit this description, I did/do have scruples to continue using their services.

But there was/is also a wider issue: While medieval wall paintings always have and probably always will be one of my main fields of study, my interests are by far not limited to this area. As some of you may remember, I have always also had a pronounced interest in the 19th century, and in recent years, I have become more and more interested in the 20th century and the contemporary as well. And not just in the field of art, but also in literature, folklore and, increasingly, music. So whenever I thought about returning to blogging, I felt that the scope of Camera Picta was too narrow to encompass all the various topics I might want to write about. As a consequence, I thought about starting a new blog – yes, another one – that would allow me to incorporate all of my different interests. Then, of course, I remembered: I already had a blog that did exactly that – L’Historien Errant. While it has been, shall we say ‘dormant’ for a few years, I never took it offline because I felt that one or the other of my old posts might still be of interest to some. (And indeed, according to the blog stats, it still gets some regular traffic and even the occasional comment.)

So, to finally cut to the chase: Keep a watch on the horizon, for soon you will be able to witness the return of L’Historien Errant… Oh, and guess what he’ll have in his bag…

…obviously, a post on some medieval wall paintings ;-)



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